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How Memorable Is Your Logo

Hi there my name is Inga Denton and I am here to ask you one very simple question “how memorable is your logo?” Here is a simple exercise you can try at home. Close your eyes and try to picture your company logo and ask yourself this, can you recreate it off head? If you can’t this means that your clients also can’t remember your logo. Look at it this way even my four year old daughter can draw the apple logo, when creating a logo there is one principle that should always guide you ‘simplicity’ your logo has to be so simple and unique that anyone can recognize it.

Apart from being simple your logo must also be visible, distinctive, adaptable, universal and most importantly memorable. A distinctive logo is one that stands out and appeals to your target consumer, for instance if you are targeting women go for a logo that has a feminine touch to it, i.e. something women can relate to.

A good example is the Chanel logo, if you look at it there is nothing special about it. In fact you can say it’s just two interlocking opposing C’, But almost all women in North America and even people who have zero interest in fashion can recognize it even if it changes colors.


If you take the Chanel logo and shrink it down to the smallest fonts, the logo will still be recognizable; the same is also true if you magnify it. Visibility is very important in logo design, when a logo is visible it means that people will notice it but if it changes when you shrink or magnify it the logo will do you no favors.

Therefore always make sure that your logo is visible under all conditions even in low light conditions. Your logo should also look good in black and white, so don’t over complicate it with too much colors.


Your logo will be used on a lot of things, it may be used on vehicles, clothes, cups, and bags etc. therefore it is important to make sure that the logo is adaptable. Using the example above the Chanel logo is very adaptable, it can be used almost anywhere that is needed.

Adaptability goes hand in hand with memories; you see the thing is people build memories with what they see. This means that if you create a logo that is memorable people will build memories with it. For example, when someone sees your logo they will remember something they bought or a gift they received that had that logo.

But if you complicate things your logo won’t be memorable, meaning that people will forget it quickly.


The truth is it all boils down to simplicity; a good example of this is Google. If you visit the Google home page you will find nothing but the Google logo and a search box, no fancy graphics, no advertisements and no videos. This is what has made Google the most popular search engine on the planet. Therefore keep it simple. We love the logo of a hot water heater replacement Vancouver company name Prima. The simplicity of their logo really helps to clearly communicate their message.


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